MagicScroll for Windows Teleprompter Software

MagicScroll for Windows is our intuitive teleprompter software program that works on PC Windows platforms. After simple installation, your laptop or desktop becomes a teleprompter. MagicScroll is easy to use and designed for both the novice and the most demanding professional teleprompting applications. If you use Microsoft Word, you will learn the MagicScroll program in no time.

Our latest version of MagicScroll for Windows includes features that make the software even more powerful than in the past, while retaining its legendary interface. Our customers tell us that MagicScroll is one of the best and most intuitive teleprompter programs on the market.

MagicScroll can be used standalone on your Windows PC, or our software can be packaged with teleprompter equipment that you currently own or purchase from us. If you’re not ready to buy then you can rent teleprompter equipment from our partner, ECS Video Systems.

MagicScroll for Windows Features

MagicScroll for Windows is packed with new and legendary features, dating back to 1995, that make it easy to use and a powerful tool for creating and editing scripts.

  • The most intuitive interface on the market
  • Active spell checker
  • Find and replace with formatting
  • Customizable stop watch
  • RTF file export
  • Point and click ease of use
  • Open multiple scripts with drag and drop script ordering
  • Customizable font sets
  • Bookmarks
  • Movable cue marker
  • Consolidated Preferences window
  • Script linking and looping
  • Unicode compatible
  • Optional USB remote control
Compatibility and Licensing

MagicScroll for Windows runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Each license comes with one USB hardware key. MagicScroll can be installed on as many machines as you’d like. However, it will only operate with the key. We offer discounts for multiple licenses which vary on the number of licenses. Please contact us for a quote.