About Magic Scroll for Windows, LLC

MagicScroll for Windows, LLC was created through the partnership of the Windows solution of Magic Teleprompting and Eric Silverstein.

Eric is the owner of a teleprompter rental business in Boston, Massachusetts and San Francisco, California.

He has over 20 years of experience, both as a teleprompter operator and helping clients tailor a solution to meet their prompter needs. Eric understands what needs to be included for teleprompter software to be considered easy-to-use, robust and intuitive. And he knows what hardware is appropriate for any situation.

We market our easy to use teleprompter software to the corporate, industrial and audiovisual markets. We also resell teleprompter equipment from two of the leading prompter display manufacturers — Autocue QTV and Autoscript. These associations allow MagicScroll to match the correct prompter hardware to your particular production requirements.